How to Avoid Premature Ejaculation – Some Solutions and Tips to Last Longer in Bed

Untimely ejaculation can be frustrating – not only for men but for their partners as well. Although this is a very common problem among men, especially the younger ones, this can also be a problem in grown men. Most often, solutions on how to avoid premature ejaculation is not sought because of the sensitivity of the topic for some men and they may feel embarrassed about talking about it.

However, if you are one of those looking for some solutions on how to avoid premature ejaculation, of course, you still have hope in finding safe and natural ways to bring back the life of your lovemaking.

Understanding premature ejaculation

Untimely ejaculation during lovemaking has been attributed to psychological causes as well as biological factors. Most often, it is associated with feelings of guilt, fear, anxiety and even problems in the relationship that has affected your thoughts about the lovemaking. Aside from your thoughts contributing to the problem, hormone levels as well as other health problems may also cause premature ejaculation.

Solutions and tips

Yes, the problem is treatable, so if you are looking for ways on how to avoid premature ejaculation, here are some solutions that you might find useful.

– Relaxation techniques. Anxiety about sex is a great factor that contributes to the occurrence of untimely ejaculation, thus learning some relaxation techniques is a safer and natural way to help you avoid problems later. Deep breathing or belly breathing is one thing that you can do to help you relax. If you can meditate, it would also be better, not only in overcoming this problem but in other aspects in life. It would also help a lot to see a sex therapist to help you learn some other relaxation techniques directed on how to avoid premature ejaculation.

– Helpful exercises. There are also exercises that are said to help you control your ejaculation. Exercising your PC muscle or the muscle that controls your urination can also be helpful in controlling your ejaculation. Kegel exercises, in particular, are said to be beneficial for men who are suffering from untimely ejaculation and a safer way to avoid the problem too.

– Lovemaking techniques. There are also techniques that you can do with your partner to help you last longer in bed. His involves stopping and allowing your penis to relax when you are nearing orgasm and starting again after you have allowed it to relax. Another technique used in sex therapies on premature ejaculation is to squeeze near the shaft of the penis when you are nearing ejaculation and allowing it to relax before starting again. You may also want to explore the benefits of foreplay. Aside from helping you deal with premature ejaculation, it can also help you please your partner more in bed.

It is important that if the cause of your premature ejaculation is problems in your relationships and other interpersonal problems, seeking counseling or psychotherapy can be sought to help your sex life return to normal.

Learning how to avoid premature ejaculation may not be difficult at all. You can start with these simple tips and also learn to train your mind to help you with this problem. Remember that your brain is one of the main organs that make lovemaking an enjoyable act.